Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stumble Upon

This is a cool extension for the Mozilla firefox. By installing it a toolbar is added to the browser. It mainly contains a "STUMBLE!" button. On clicking it a new page will be opened in the browser. This page is suggested by one of the "Stumble Upon" users. We can configure Stumble, creating our profile and giving our preferences to match our interests. When we are browsing the web if we come accross some webpage which really interests us, we can click on the "I like it" toolbar button. There is also a "Not for me" button to rate the pages which we feel insipid. This way we can express our likes and dislikes. With numerous people using "Stumble Upon" we can find a lot of like minded individuals to help us while browsing the web.
If one is bored of browsing through the catalogued web( through yahoo etc. ) then "Stumble Upon" will be a welcome change. In the conventional way of browsing one moves between pages by clicking on the links displayed. This can be called linear-nonrandom browsing. "Stumble Upon" brings in randomness and makes it even more interesting.
All this said "Stumble Upon" is not useful when we require some specific info. For this we have to rely on Google etc. Thus "Stumble Upon" is a nice way to do time-pass on net, because we neednot even think of anything, just click on the button and Stumble upon some interesting page.
Happy Stumbling... ;-)


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