Friday, June 24, 2005

KNewsTicker & RSS

KNewsTicker is an applet for KDE panel. It displays the latest news reported worldwide in the form of scrolling text. It also provides a link to view the full article. We can add any news site to the list of news sites which KNewsTicker scans for news. By default it has included a good number of sites its list covering variety of fields like Arts, Business, Computers, Magazines, Recreation, Society etc. The list includes some popular sites like /.slashdot,, cnn etc. We can configure KNewsTicker to add any site of our interest. KNewsTicker works by reading and interpreting the RSS files present in the listed sites periodically. A RSS file is an XML file used to provide a means to syndicate web content in an easy and standard way. RSS can be used to present static and dynamic information in ones site along with the news stories. RSS provides simple tags for sharing news. All we have to do is mention the "name of the article", "link where it can be found" and "a brief description of the article". After writing the RSS file in the required format we have to register with the RSS aggregators who periodically check these RSS feeds for updates. This way information can flow very easily and may increase the traffic to our sites. Thus RSS is a simple technology with potential impact. The following link has a collection of article related to RSS


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