Sunday, November 20, 2005

The great Indian site

National Informatics Center(NIC) has recently released - the official site of government of India. Unlike other sites of NIC this one is very refreshing. It has a very good, easy to navigate template. It is no IE specific crappy asp coded pages. It is built using php and is probably running on a GNU/Linux server. Most of the pages load quickly. The site has tons of information and surely is serving its purpose of being a one-stop place for things related to India. It has links for official documents like budget, five year plan, Constitution of India etc. The "Know India" section is the one i liked the most. This has subsections like the Profile of India, National symbols, Culture/Heritege, States, Photo Gallery and also a kids section( not joking ). Going through these pages it was like reading history and geography books during school days. Reading about the history of India ( from Indus Valley Civilisation to partition of India ) and about the various geographic features of the country, brought back the memories of the good old school days. As they say "Those were the days". Apart from these educative things the portal has other useful links like directory, maps, photo gallery, who's who and also a e-greeting facility. The site has seperate section for citizens of India. This site is worth exploring.


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