Saturday, September 24, 2005

Current TV - a Internet-TV joint venture

Current TV - a new way of integrating Internet and Television. Current is a new TV channel started by Al Gore. The basic funda of current is to show people the things which the people feel are happening and not decided by a news room. Current works in collaboration with Google. It uses a service called Google Current. Every half an hour Google current gives what people are searching over Google. Using this knowledge from Google, Current decides its content. Current is mainly targetted at capturing the interests of younger sections of the society. Cool feature of Current is it lets people create the content. It calls it Viewer Content Creation VC2. It lets the registered members of the site to review and rate the programs to be viewed on Current. This one seems to be a good idea - trying to capture the interest of the masses through internet and reach out to a large number of people through television.


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