Saturday, January 07, 2006

Using ipod on Linux

GTKPod provides a Cross-platform multilingual interface to Apple's ipod. With gtkpod it is very easy to use ipod on linux:- 1. Create a directory /mnt/ipod 2. Mount ipod into this directory 3. Read from ipod using gtkpod 4. Add / Remove songs from the file / directory listing in gtkpod 5. Sync the new contents into the ipod 6. Unmount ipod and start listening to your favourite music If your music is in audio cds, then all you need is Grip to rip and encode it into mp3 format. Simple steps to rip a cd using grip:- 1. In Grip select the tracks to be ripped from the cd 2. In Config/Rip/Ripper tab you may choose [ grip (cdparanoia) ] as the ripper and provide suitable location and rip file format [ like ~/Music/Album/%n.wav ] 3. In Config/Encode/Encoder choose a suitable encoder
  • lame - for encoding mp3 files
  • oggenc - for encoding ogg vorbis files
4. You can also choose suitable location and Encode file format [ like ~/Music/Album/%n.mp3 ] 5. In Config/Encode/Options tab you can also give Location and M3U file format [ like ~/Music/Album.m3u ] 6. With all these settings done, from the Rip tab you can either
  • Rip only - to extract .wav files
  • Rip+Encode - to get .mp3 or .ogg files
From the ipod you can play .wav files or .mp3 files. To play .ogg vorbis files you have to choose other portable music players like iRiver... Some useful links:-


Blogger azhar said...

Thanks for the tip on converting audio to mp3. Visit your blog quite often

1/27/2006 03:50:00 AM  
Blogger De-Scribe said...

Dude! I am not able to do the mount itself!

6/13/2006 02:58:00 AM  

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