Friday, January 27, 2006

India Rocks

I justed watched a program on CNN-IBN called India Rocks. It showcased some of the famous and upcoming music bands of India. Going by the theme of Republic Day all the songs which were aired were patriotic. This program was a bit hatke. Every song that was telecast was interlaced with the members of the band talking about the inspiration for the song and expressing their feelings of being proud of India. There were artists like rabbi, lucky ali, indian occean, euphoria etc.. Of these, the band Indian Occean was the most hatke in their music and lyrics. During the program, in between songs, people used to chant some praises for these bands and also express their deep patriotism. I am not trying to be sarcastic here, when i refer to being patriotic. I am also not expressing my angst against the innumerable patriotic movies / books / songs which are being thrown at us year after year. It always sells to be patriotic. It is one of the most touching rasa's of all. So it obviously makes sense to pluck some patriotic strings and take to the hearts of the people. After all these patriotic jibes, the program ended with a song from Rabbi in which he questions all the so called proud to be Indians what they were upto when Gujrat was burning in riots, when a man was shot dead for speaking truth... This man ( i don't remember his name) was the inspiration for this song by Rabbi and is honestly touching.


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