Saturday, June 24, 2006


How many times have you been bugged by a site which mandates you to register? Most of the time the registration process is painful, if not it asks for personal info like email address etc. Even though we fake these details we have to nevertheless go through the motions of creating a dummy account. With BugMeNot we need not do this anymore. It contains dummy logins for tons of sites. Yes, this is yet another Web 2.0 site. Users can post new logins, they can vote on the validity of the logins posted by others etc. BugMeNot can be accessed in many ways. There is a firefox plugin which gives bugMeNot context menu. The simplest way to use it is through this bookmarklet. Ofcourse some domains like, etc. are blocked to discourage spammers. To learn how to use bookmarklet read this wikipedia article.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Suse Linux 10.1

This month's edition of Linux For You comes with Suse Linux 10.1 DVD. Going by the encouraging review in the magazine i tried this distro and was impressed by it right from the word go. Novell has packaged this very well. Most of the Linux distro installations these days are really trouble-free, so is Suse. Suse's installer is newbie-friendly. It hides all the bugging details beneath the expert menus and does a neat setup in default configuration mode. One thing which impressed me was the post-installation configuration. After installing the packages from the DVD, it configures the Internet, tests it by fetching the latest release notes from Novell's site and then it prompts for updating installed packages. On choosing this upgrade option it auto detects its package server, shows the list of upgradable packages, installs them and then optionally deletes the downloaded patches, leaving a clean updated system. Switching from FC2 i find a lot of interesting and new stuff to be explored in Suse 10.1, especially KDE 3.5 Trivia - In tribute to 42, SUSE Linux 10.1 was released on 11th May 2006 and dedicated to Douglas Adams on his fifth death anniversary.
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