Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Google Earth

Today i checked out this Google Earth - "The 3D interface to the planet". It is a very good software. It contains very high quality satellite images of the globe. It is 10 MB software which has to be downloaded and installed. Like any other Google software, it has got a great user interface. It is like a globe on the screen and one can check out various details about a place like the roads, rails, restaurants, buildings, schools etc. at high resolution. All these details are present for US, and European maps. But when it comes to India, i found Google Earth to be just like an Atlas with a great interface.
One good feature of Google Earth is the facility to fly between places. Google Earth is a free software. There are two more versions of this software called "Google Earth Plus" & "Google Earth Pro" which come with advanced features like GPS device support. But unfortunately they are not free. Unless they imbibe certain level of detail into the maps of India, it doesnot serve our purpose. However one can always try it for getting a feel of our world, through its out of the world interface. For more details follow the link below http://earth.google.com/


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