Friday, July 08, 2005

Google Labs - A Tech playground

Yet again i am writing on Google and its technology. Recently i read an interview in which a Yahoo executive quoted that "Google is replacing Yahoo as the coolest thing on web". Today during my usual timepass sessions on the broadband, i stumbled upon the site Google labs - this adds to the cooool image of Google. Google Labs is Google's technology playground. It has hosted lot of applications, still under development and not yet ready for full deployment. These applications are for the keen users to play and experiment with them & lets them give their feedback to improve them. Google sets is one such app. One can enter few items of a set and Google sets prompts the other elements of this set. For example if you enter nike & reebok then Google fills the set with adidas, fila etc. One can enter upto 5 elements of the set to clearly define the relation of the set. Google Sets is still under development and hence you may end up getting some weird results. However it works well for most of the sets. For example i entered Karnataka & Tamilnadu, Google Sets completed the set with all the names of Indian states. Google sets is not built for any particular use, it is upto the user to decide is utility. If not just play around with it, you sure to have fun. Google labs, as of now, hosts other cool utilities like Some of the applications which have passed through the Google Labs and seen the light of the day are:- Visit Google labs and get a peek into the future services of Google. Afterall it is the coolest thing on web as told by its competitor Yahoo!


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