Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Social Bookmarking

I was looking for ways to store my firefox bookmarks online so that I could access it from any browser anywhere. My first choice was to use Yahoo bookmarks. This was easy to use and i could export all my firefox bookmarks into a file and then could import this into Yahoo bookmarks. Cool... Then i found something better and interesting - "Social Bookmarks". I was kind of surprised about the terminology used - "what can be social about bookmarks?" Social bookmarking is storing your links online and letting others access this list. There are many sites which provide facility for social bookmarking. del.icio.us is a good Social bookmarks manager and works well with Firefox. In this site apart from storing our bookmarks online, we can also associate them with one-word tags. This way we get to categorize our links. The site provides a means to search and browse the bookmarks of various users based on the tags given by them. Thus the setup actually acts as a manual indexer - and hence is more acurate when it comes to search results when compared to a mechanical spiderbot. The success of such a system solely depends on the number of users and their willingness to share the interesting links they are aware of by categorising them into relevant groups. I got very good results when i tried the search feature. I really feel this concept of social bookmarking will go a long way. This is a very good example of a "simple thing having a big impact when done in cooperation of a large comunity". Kudos to the people who have concieved this concept. Related links
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