Friday, July 01, 2005


Podcasting is a new way of managing media content on web. Any new media files uploaded in a site can be reflected using the Media RSS(MRSS) feeds. Search engines which are looking for media over web can look for these RSS feeds and get the updated version of the media. Podcasting is mainly used with audio files, especially for radio shows. In Podcasting as and when new shows are uploaded, the RSS files are suitably updated. This way anyone who has subscribed for these feeds will be aware of the available shows. Hence Podcasting acts like a new form of free radio over internet.
Three steps for listening to podcasts.
  1. Download and install a podcast software like ipodder, itunes 4.9 etc. These softwares act as aggregators of the RSS feeds.
  2. Search for the podcasts of interest and subscribe for their feeds. The podcast software software ( aggregators ) frequently look for the updated shows and download them on to our computer.
  3. Listen the downloaded shows on the computer or sync it with other devices like ipod for convinient listening.
Through podcasting we can listen to all our favourite shows anytime, anywhere defying the schedule of the stations. There are many sites on the internet where one can start podcasting. It is as simple as writing a blog. Podcasting is quickly gaining popularity with many sites providing related services.
For more gyaan on Podcasting visit the following links:-


Blogger Rajat said...

You must be going bonkers over the broadband connection! Too bad I don't have one - have been wanting to try out podcasting stuff.

I got the iTunes 4.9 announcement in mail - I had downloaded 4.8 in May in college - I suppose I gave it to you. BTW, did you try out any aggregators for blogs & podcasts - I haven't yet. bloglines is one but it's online & you need an account - I haven't bothered with it yet. Tell me if you find any other aggregators.

7/02/2005 12:52:00 AM  
Blogger Chandan R said...

I have tried bloglines. It is a good blog aggregator. It is very simple to setup. It has many types of notifiers. I liked the notifier which is added as an extension for mozilla/firefox browser.

7/03/2005 07:02:00 AM  

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