Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kile - Simply TeX it !

LaTeX is a very powerful formating language built over TeX ( created by Donald Knuth ) by Leslie Lamport. For the beginners it is a bit difficult to remember the various tags present. It is really worth the effort for the kind of output LaTeX generates when compared to other WYSIWYG formatters like MS Word. The difference is especially prominent when the document involves lot of mathematical stuff like equations, formulae etc. But it is always good to simplify the process if there is a good option. So the first thing i did when i started using LaTeX was to search for a good editor for creating LaTeX files, without requiring me to remember the various LaTeX tags. Kile is easily the best of the lot.
Kile is a LaTeX source editor for KDE. It provides a user friendly environment for creating and editing LaTeX documents. For those who are new to LaTeX, Kile is the best way to start using this powerful formating language and for the power users it is the fast and easy way to manage LaTeX projects. Kile comes with many commonly used templates. It provides an integrated interface for editing, compiling and previewing LaTeX files. Some of the useful features of Kile are:-
  1. Syntax Highlighting
  2. Auto Completion of Environments
  3. Easy Shortcuts for inserting almost all the commonly used LaTeX tags
  4. Interface to insert various Greek symbols, Math operators etc.
  5. Jump to errors and warnings
  6. One click conversion from ps to pdf, dvi to pdf, LaTeX to HTML etc.
It also has a very good handbook( typical of a KDE app ) and LaTeX help. I have included some of these features in Leela, a multilingual editor for GNU/Linux, making it an IDE for creating multilingual LaTeX documents.
With the ease of Kile and power of LaTeX and its related packages we can create beautiful books, reports, presentations, papers etc. So get rid of those WYSIWYG programs and switch to LaTeX. Related Links:-


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