Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bloglines - Good way to follow blogs

Bloglines - use this site to keep a watch on all the blogs you follow. Just add the names of the blogs you are interested in, and it will keep track of any new postings on these. Bloglines also has many notifiers - to inform about any new message posted. I use the notifier which comes as a plugin for Mozilla Firefox. It sits in the bottom corner of the browser reflecting the status of blogs under watch, without unnecessarily toubling you. And to read any blog just click the button and you get to view all of them in one place. There are lot of other plugins for Firefox related to blogging. "Blog This" is another good extension for Firefox. It adds right-click access to Blogger's Blog This popup. While surfing, if you come across an interesting site worth mentioning in your blog, then it is just a click away with this plugin. Related Clicks Firefox Themes & Extensions Download Firefox


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