Thursday, July 07, 2005

Firefox & Thunderbird - a deadly duo

As i was writing the previous post i started weighing Firefox with MSIE. Then i thought its worth a full post and here it is. One thing i really hate about Internet Explorer is the stubborness of MS for not providing the tabbed browsing feature. This is a very basic feature and puzzles me as to whats stopping MS from getting it into their browser. Mozilla Firefox is a very good alternative to MSIE. Yes, it supports tabbed browsing. Unlike the Mozilla browser, Firefox is light weight and has good look and feel, with all the cool themes available, its awesome. As i mentioned in the previous post it has some great extensions. Installing these themes and extensions is very easy and just takes a few clicks from its site. Some of the extensions i use are:-
  • StumbbleUpon
  • BlogThis
  • Bloglines Toolkit
  • downTHEMall
  • CustomizeGoogle
  • Tabbrowser Preferences
You can find all these and many more here Of all the cool themes available for Firefox i like AbstractPC the most, for its cute vitreous icons. Firefox has a builtin popup blocker, download manager and google seachbar which is very handy. Another important feature of Firefox is its seamless integration with Mozilla Thunderbird, a very good mail client. Just like firefox, Thunderbird is light weight and comes with great themes and extensions. I have not used outlook express to compare with it, but thunderbird does the job for me. It can be easily configured to check various mail accounts. It has a good Address book and signature manager. It's feature-rich mail composer allows one to send html/text messages. It is easy to insert pictures and smileys into messages. Some of the extensions i use with Thunderbird are:-
  • Signature
  • MailTagger
  • NestedQuote Remover
The duo of Firefox & Thunderbird is redefining the browsing experience. These stable, bug-free, open-source software are shaking the grounds of their mighty proprietary counterparts. I hope this success of community backed software development is reflected in other software domains resulting in some good open-source software. Though it takes sometime to happen in a large scale, its inevitable. Related links:- Get Firefox Get Thunderbird


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